The Featured Serives elements are very easy to use and they attract your visitors attention to a certain portion of the site. The element to the right of this text is a Featured Services element, using a Fontawesome icon and a linkable Title.

You can also use a graphic icon – simple image – instead of the Fontawesome icon we have used. Take a look at the examples below to see different combinations.

To change the default styling of the Featured Services elements – sitewide options – go to Theme Options -> VC Elements -> Featured Services Element. You will be able to set a border, background color, icon color, title color, text color and many more.

You can also specify a custom background color, title color, icon color and text color for each Featured Services element you create.

Using Featured Services with Custom Icons

As we already mentioned above, you can use your custom Image Icons instead of the default FontAwesome icons we used above. Check out the examples below:

Featured Services Custom Opacity

The Featured Services box can also accept a custom Opacity parameter. This is very useful if you are planning to use the Featured Serives element on a Row element with custom Background Image

Featured Services Variations

Here are some more variations of the Featured Services element.
Use them in any custom column layout you want and customize them the way you like.